Joint Jewish Education Program


Joint Jewish Educational Program (Religious School)

The Joint Jewish Education Program (J-JEP) is a collaborative effort between Congregation Beth Shalom and Rodef Shalom Congregation. J-JEP is starting their third phase of the collaboration, by combining the entirety of the two congregations’ K-7 religious and Hebrew education program.

The Mission of the Joint Jewish Education Program (J-JEP) is to develop a vibrant community of Jewish learners by providing an exemplary K-7 religious education program, JJ-EP builds upon the established collaboration between congregations Beth Shalom and Rodef Shalom, increases vitality in the classrooms, encourages interaction among students and families of different Jewish backgrounds, respects diverse approaches to Jewish practice and thought, delivers a nurturing, experiential Judaic curriculum, and engages our community’s best teaching talent, all while utilizing resources more effectively. 

While J-JEP meets for a total of four days, students from the respective congregations are able to sign up for programs that meet the education requirements of their home synagogues.

Days & Hours


Family Hebrew

2nd through 7th

8:25 to 9:25

Rodef Shalom


Religious School

K through 7th

9:30 to 12

Rodef Shalom


*Religious School

2nd through 7th

4:15 to 6:15

Beth Shalom


 Hebrew School

2nd through 7th

4:30 to 6:30

Rodef Shalom


*Religious School

3rd through 7th

4:15 to 6:15

Beth Shalom

*Midweek Religious School at Beth Shalom consists of conversational & liturgical Hebrew as well as Judaic Studies

Family Hebrew requires the attendance of a parent/child team that studies together all year long.

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J-JEP Facebook Page FB/JointJewishEducationProgram

Liron Lipinsky    J-JEP Director   412-621-6566 x116

Liron Lipinsky
J-JEP Director
412-621-6566 x116


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