Tools for Elul: Oren Spiegler

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I am in my 36th year of employment with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the last 18+ of which have been as an Unemployment Compensation Hearing Officer, a quasi-judicial position.

I love my work and have no plan to retire. A sense of humility is instilled in me on a regular basis as I encounter individuals who literally do not know whether they will continue to have a home or be able to provide food for their families.

I deal with individuals who are confused, afraid, and destitute. Some of them are visibly nervous, some tell me that their anxiety was high and/or that they did not sleep in anticipation of a hearing. I cannot help all of them with favorable decisions, but I can and do make a concerted effort to treat them with dignity and respect, something which I strive for always.

It is always gratifying when a party thanks me for listening and for making the process simple and as painless as possible. My faith helps to inspire me to treat others as I would wish to be treated.

-Oren Spiegler, Congregant

Rodef Shalom