Tools for Elul: Melanie Solomon | Adopting Bob

Today was the day; I was going to get a dog. I wanted a rescue dog for sure, but what kind? I was thinking something fierce, kind, but strong. A sleek looking dog, something to admire.

What I got instead was a 12 year old, graying mutt.

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When I saw Bob in his cage, I knew that I wanted him, in part, because no one else would. I knew at 12 years old, with a gray mask around his eyes and chin, that he would be one of the lost and forgotten dogs that everyone would pass. I thought about it: he's old, and he may get sick; he might die; I could have ginormous vet bills. No, I wanted Bob because he needed some place to relax, a soft bed on which to sleep, treats galore, and rides with his head out of the car window. If no one else wanted him, why not me? If not me, than who? If not now, then when?

Kindness, I believe, is like that. The moment grabs us and asks us those questions. My answer was yes, and for it, I have been abundantly blessed. I know Bob is grateful; I can see it in his eyes. In turn, he showers me with abundant love and a whole lot of joy. My Bubs will live out his last years well. I will see to that. He will always have a nice couch on which to lay, food with beef broth in his bowl, and a human who loves him beyond measure. Why? Because he was my answer to the questions of kindness, and in turn, I get a daily dose of happiness for which I am so very grateful.

-Melanie Solomon, Executive Assistant to Rabbi Aaron Bisno

Rodef Shalom