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Youth Group (K-12th)

Young people are a vital part of the Rodef Shalom community, and as such they deserve a special place in the Congregation.  Our youth groups provide opportunities for young people to learn about themselves, our community, and Reform Judaism.  Through programs such as youth High Holiday services, Purim carnival preparations, chocolate Seders for Passover, and a number of social action events, we are able to meld Jewish fellowship with fun activities! 

Oh – and while we’re on the topic – let’s not forget about having lots of fun!  If you like to go bouncing on giant trampolines, zip line through the woods, or go kayaking on the river, youth groups are where it’s at!  We have four youth groups that plan age appropriate activities throughout the year. 

  • Kindergarten-second grade can often be found at JumpZone or Snapology! 
  • Team 345 has taken on Skyzone and SportsWorks! 
  • Our 678 crew has kayaked the Allegheny River and zip lined through North Park!
  • THERSTY (our teens) can be found doing any number of social action programs as well as participating in NFTY events around the country.

What’s NFTY you ask?  The North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) has offered thousands of young people the opportunity to explore and live Reform Judaism. Broken down into regions, Rodef Shalom Congregation falls into NFTY-PAR (Pennsylvania Area Region) which offers such events and Fall and Spring Kallah, WINSTY (a social action weekend), and Haggigah Maccabiah.  All teens in 9th-12th grade are welcomed to attend all NFTY-PAR events and be given the opportunity to build friendships, lifelong Reform Jewish identities, and leadership skills through community building, worship, social action, and experiential youth-led Jewish educational programming. 

Yael Eads     Youth Director    412-621-6566 x130

Yael Eads
 Youth Director
 412-621-6566 x130


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