Meet Our Rabbis

Sharyn Henry.jpg

Rabbi Sharyn Henry

Rabbi Sharyn H. Henry has been with Rodef Shalom since 2004.


Her rabbinic focus centers on social action, inclusion, and worship. In 2013, Rabbi Henry was presented with a Doctor of Divinity degree by the Hebrew Union College for her 25 years teaching “the faith, culture and ethics of Reform Judaism."


Rabbi Jessica E. Locketz

Rabbi Jessica E. Locketz recently returned to Rodef Shalom after serving as an Assistant Rabbi here upon her ordination from the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in 1999. Rabbi Locketz is excited to be rejoining the Rodef Shalom Family and looks forward to meeting (and getting reacquainted with) its members.


Dr. Rabbi Walter Jacob

Dr. Rabbi Walter Jacob is Rodef Shalom's Rabbi Emeritus and Senior Scholar.


Born into a rabbinic family that dates back some 400 years, Dr. Rabbi Jacob’s early years were lived under the foreboding shadow of mid-20th century Germany.


Rabbi Aaron Benjamin Bisno

Frances F. & David R. Levin Rabbinic Scholar 

Rabbi Aaron Bisno, a graduate of Washington University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion, where he was ordained in 1996 and received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 2021 for his 25 years of rabbinic service.

Meet Our Staff


Jewish Life Team

Larry Freedman Retouch.jpg

Rabbi Larry Freedman

Director, J-JEP

(412) 621-6566 x116


Mimsie Leyton

Sidney & Shirley C. Rapport Family Center Director

(412) 621-6566 x127


Yael Eads

Director of Informal Jewish Life

(412) 621-6566 x130

Don Megahan.jpg

Don Megahan

Music Director

(412) 621-6566 x190

Wolfe, Stephanie_9717.jpg

Stephanie Wolfe

Assistant Director, J-JEP

(412) 621-6566 x111


Martha Berg


(412) 621-6566 x131

Sam Siskind.jpg

Sam Siskind


(412) 621-6566 x179


Paige Hoffman

Rabbinic Office Manager

(412) 621-6566 x133

Administrative Staff

Barb Feige.jpeg

Barb Feige

The Murray Klein Executive Director

(412) 621-6566 x119

Amy Langham Retouch.jpg

Amy Langham

Director of Finance and Administration

(412) 621-6566 x117

Mayda Roth Retouch.jpg

Mayda Roth

Development Director

(412) 621-6566 x140

Kristin Karsh Retouch.jpg

Kristin Karsh

Director of Membership and Human Resources

(412) 621-6566 x120

Kate Kim.jpg

Kate Kim

Director of Marketing and Communications

(412) 621-6566 x137

Christine Ranasinghe Retouch.jpg

Christine Ranasinghe

Accounting Manager

(412) 621-6566 x182


Mac Wolfson

Support Services Coordinator

(412) 621-6566 x144

Elaine Rybski.jpg

Elaine Rybski 

Gift Corner Manager 

(412) 621-6566 x115

Facilities and Rental Team

Marlee Lyons Retouch.jpg

Marlee Lyons

Director of Facilities and Sustainability

(412) 621-6566 x112

Emily Ngandjui Retouch.jpg

Emily Ngandjui

Rental Coordinator 
(412) 621-6566 x108

Dave Sesky.jpg

Dave Seskey

Building Superintendent

(412) 621-6566 x128

Steve Johnson Retouch.jpg

Steve Johnson

Building and Safety Supervisor

Tony Campbell.jpg

Tony Campbell


Luis Marquez Retouch 3.jpg

Luis Marquez



Diana Martino

West View Cemetery Superintendent

(412) 931-1600


Wayne Hunkele

Cemetery Staff


John Dalfonso

Cemetery Staff

Westview Cemetery Team