Rodef Shalom Is Its People


All of us--together, practicing our faith, helping others, supporting one another, and maintaining the intellectual passion that’s been part of our Congregation since its inception more than 150 years ago--make this a vibrant place. One way you can ensure that we continue down this path is to join one of the many committees that provide the structure necessary for us to do our good works.

Regardless of where your interests and talents lie, there’s a committee that suits you. Perhaps you’d like to serve on our Adult Education Committee, helping to promote Jewish living through Jewish learning.


Other possibilities include serving on our Social Action, Caring Services, Worship, or Cultural Arts committees. Please consider serving and thereby strengthening Rodef Shalom. We are grateful in advance for your help.


Ways to Connect

Here are some ways you can get involved:




Women of Rodef Shalom


Community Outreach


Caring Congregation